I’m a software engineer at GitHub working on code intelligence technology that powers GitHub’s data and security products. Previously I completed my bachelor’s and master’s in computer science at the University of Cambridge, specialising in programming language theory and machine learning.

I’m interested in a broad range of topics within programming languages, machine learning, and their intersection: in my master’s I studied category theory, machine learning, metaprogramming, formal methods, and applying ML to software development. I researched polymorphic subtyping under the supervision of Neel Krishnaswami for my master’s dissertation, and implemented a systematic concurrency testing system for Multicore OCaml supervised by KC Sivaramakrishnan for my bachelor’s dissertation.

During my studies, I interned with a few different teams across Microsoft. Most recently, I interned with the Programming Languages and Software Engineering group at Microsoft Research. Before that, I worked on highly scalable infrastructure powering Office, and before that, I contributed to reducing Bing’s cost to serve.

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